How many WordPress installations can I have?

Below is a guide on the recommended number of WordPress installations depending on the AMIMOTO instance type and your website’s assumed Page View per month.

 Instance TypeWordPress Installations (Recommended Number)Assumed PV / month
t2.micro 3 100,000 PV/mo
t2.small 3 300,000 PV/mo
t2.medium 3 500,000 PV/mo
c3.large 5 1 Million PV/mo
c3.xlarge 5 3 Million PV/mo
c3.2xlarge 10 5 Million PV/mo
c3.4xlarge 10 10 Million PV/mo
c3.8xlarge 10 20 Million PV/mo

Please note that this is only a rough estimate, and should not be used as an accurate installation count. The recommended number of WordPress installation per AMIMOTO instance still depends on your pre-installed themes and plugins that you use on your site(s).

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