7/1/2015 leap second in ntpd

There will be leap second in Amazon Linux on July 01, 2015.

  • ntp-4.2.6p5-3 version or later (June2015 latest)
  • move ntpd in SLEW mode


If you are using AMIMOTO AMI, please run the following commands in ssh to connect to the instance:

1. ntpd update
$ sudo yum update ntp

2. ntpd stop 
$ sudo service ntpd stop

3. kernel retention time・clear frequency offset 
$ sudo ntptime -s 0 -f 0

4. change ntpd slew mode boot options 
$ sudo sed -i -e 's/OPTIONS="(.*)-g"/OPTIONS="1-g -x"/' /etc/sysconfig/ntpd

5. ntpd start 
$ service ntpd start

We have already done the following for AMIMOTO AMI Managed Hosting clients.

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