How do you charge Amimoto Managed Hosting?

Each client is unique, and they have individual and specific needs, so we let them pick what is ideal and most comfortable for them. We will walk you through the process as well. Amimoto AMI server has two ways of billing clients:

  • Flat rate (monthly basis)
  • Pay-as-you-go (charged by the hour) – Self-Hosted Plan


Flat rate is for Amimoto AMI Managed Hosting services. This is a monthly basis, which starts at USD$30.00/month on a single smallest instance.

Let’s say you have t2.micro. As your site grows, your needs also change. You have higher PV / month, more site content, etc. And there are times that you need a higher memory, or additional disk based on the size and type of your files.

Depending on the case, we might suggest a larger instance (or simply suggest additional disk) to continue delivering the optimum performance your site needs. We will do this by sending you a message before going on with the process. We will ask your consent first before anything. You may also initiate to request a larger instance, and so on.

Example, if you only added additional disk to your current instance, we will add the cost of that to the monthly charge (of USD$30.00 – assuming you are on single instance t2.micro). Again, the case varies depending on how many instances you would have, how many instances you would like to upgrade, how many optional services you would like to add, etc. Please feel free to message us about this through our contact form. 

View this page for the complete single and multi-instances plan cost.

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