I can’t choose T2 family of Amimoto HVM version.

T2 family (t2.micro,t2.small, t2.medium) is available only for VPC environment.
You may need VPC depending on when you created your account.

Created an AWS account after Dec 4th 2013:
Support only EC2-VPC.
Created an AWS account between March 18th 2013 and Dec 3rd 2013:
Basically supported only EC2-VPC, but depending on what region you had used, both EC2-Classic and EC2-VPC may be supported.
Created an AWS account before March 18th 2013:
For the region you had used before, both EC2-Classic and EC2-VPC are supported. For the first time region, it supported only VPC.

If the T2 family doesn’t show up at the instance type, please check VPC at “VPC Settings”.


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