How to Install WordPress Powered by AMIMOTO from AWS Marketplace

Video guide: WordPress Powered by AMIMOTO HHVM via AWS Marketplace


1. Go to and login. 


2. Type the keywords on the Search Tab. 

For example, "AMIMOTO HHVM" 


3. Click "Continue" 


4. Select an instance type.

* T2 instance type only has VPS. Sometimes you may need to create a new VPC.
When you can’t find T2 family in the instance type, please look at “VPC Settings”.


5. Select a security group.

You can create a new security group based on our recommended settings or choose one of your existing groups.


6. Click “Visit the Amazon EC2 Console” in the “Key Pair” menu.

7. Generate a new key at “Create Key Pair”

8. Enter “Key Pair name”


9. “Key Pair” Created

When the “Key Pair” is created, the pem file is downloaded automatically.


10. Return to AWS Marketplace

When you reload the page, you will see the Key Pair you’ve just created.
* Please note: Reloading the page will remove the instance type you’ve selected and will be replaced by the default instance type.
After refreshing the page, review all your settings prior to hitting “Launch”.

11. After reviewing all your settings, select “Launch with 1-Click”.


12. Finished.

When you see “An instance of this software is now deploying on EC2″, that’s it. You may now visit the AWS Management Console.


13. Confirm the running instance.

Open the EC2 dashboard and click “Instances”.
Once you see “2/2″ in Status Checks, copy the “Public DNS” and paste to your browser.


14. Welcome to AMIMOTO AMI.

This step requires your Instance ID which you may get from the Management Console.

We have added this option for a more secure installation. 


15. Copy your Instance ID from the Management Console.


16. Finish the installation. Select your language and click Continue.





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