iPhone 5s: How to Install WordPress Powered by AMIMOTO from AWS Marketplace

1. Go to AWS Marketplace 


2. Login 


3. Search for "AMIMOTO" 



4. Select any WordPress Powered by AMIMOTO.

In this example, we'll use WordPress Powered by AMIMOTO (HHVM) 


5. WordPress Powered by AMIMOTO (HHVM) page 


6. Choose a region.



7. Continue. 


8. Go at the bottom of the page 


9. At the bottom of the page, select "Key Pair" and click "Visit the Amazon EC2 Console". 


10. Create Key Pair 


11. Enter any Key Pair Name you'd like.


12. Go back to AWS Marketplace and Refresh the page. 


13. Choose Subscription term: Hourly or Annual 


14. Choose an instance type. 


15. Check all settings.


16. When all settings are ok, click "Launch with 1-Click". 


17. An instance is now deploying on EC2. Click "AWS Management Console". 


 18. You will see your instance. 


19. On the right side, you will see Instance State, Status Checks, etc. 

Wait until Status Checks shows: 2/2. 


20. Status Checks is now 2/2. 

Click the "Description" tab and copy the Public IP. 


21. Copy and paste your Public IP to a new tab. 


22. Welcome to AMIMOTO AMI page. Before continuing, you need to paste your Instance ID. To do this, go back to AWS Console. 


23. Copy your Instance ID


24. Paste your Instance ID and click "Next Step". 


25. Select a language and Continue. 


26. Fill out the Information needed. 



27. When you're done, click "Install WordPress". 


28. Success! You can now Login. 


29. Welcome to WordPress! 

You can start customizing your site or write your first post. 







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