What is CloudFormation JINKEI?

JIN-KEI (陣形) in Japanese means "formation." It is a tactical formation that’s necessary to have the upper hand to win a battle. 

In AMIMOTO, JIN-KEI CloudFormation service is available. 

JIN-KEI CloudFormation provides templates that are optimized for WordPress and WooCommerce. It is a useful, time-saving tool that provides robust infrastructure tailored for various needs. 

It allows users to quickly set up WordPress & WooCommerce with necessary AWS tools in just a few clicks.

WordPress & WooCommerce will be complete with RDS, CloudFront and AutoScale. 

It has two kinds: 


JIN-KEI Simple Stack

Simple AWS CloudFormation JIN-KEI that provides powerful infrastructure.
Added to AMIMOTO AMI infrastructure template are CloudFront (CDN), S3 and RDS.
CloudFront delivers low latency access from anywhere. RDS and S3 reduces the load on the instance and makes it easy to recover in the event of server failure.


JIN-KEI AutoScale Stack 

This template includes necessary tools such as AutoScale (automatically scaling your server to meet high traffic demands), CodeDeploy (deploys codes to autoscaled sever), and much more.
With a sturdy infrastructure template, hassle-free and zero failure WordPress sites are easily achieved.


Visit JIN-KEI CloudFormation Page for more details. 

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