What do I get with AMIMOTO WooCommerce Hosting plan?

AMIMOTO WooCommerce Hosting provides the eCommerce Infrastructure in the Cloud. 

When you sign up for AMIMOTO WooCommerce Hosting, you'll get:

  • Periodical backup We backup databases, servers and file storage automatically and periodically. If server failure or malicious attacks occur to your server, we can easily restore it. For every account, we build a dedicated server, so when attacks occur to other accounts, you won’t be affected.
  • Dedicated Control Panel. Start and stop instances, create snapshots, check server status (CPU, network stats) through the dedicated control panel. Responsively designed, you can manage your servers in any device you prefer.
  • SSL Digital Certificate & HTTP2. SSL helps you keep your customers’ transactions secure with strong encryption, and you’ll speed through enrolment with automated domain control validation. We keep our costs down and pass the savings onto you. By adopting HTTP/2 multiplexing feature, site display speed is significantly improved.
  • Elasticommerce Optional Service. An ultra speedy search engine service that provides the ability to replace the default search function of AMIMOTO + WooCommerce to full-text search engine through the open source Elasticsearch that improves the accuracy of search functions.
  • Shows Recommended Items. Using the data of a high performance search engine service, it provides more high performance products recommendation function.
  • Professional Support. Our engineers who are AWS certified professionals with years of WordPress & WooCommerce experience provides professional support.

Visit WooCommerce Hosting Plan page to sign up or get more details.

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