What are AMIMOTO WooCommerce Hosting pricing plans?

AMIMOTO WooCommerce Hosting plan are as follows: 

Basic Plan

Basic Plan Woo-Micro Woo-Small Woo-Medium Woo-Large
EC2 c4.large * 1 c4.xlarge*1 c4.xlarge*2 c4.xlarge*2
RDS db.m4.large db.m4.large db.m4.large db.m4.large
RDS AZ Single AZ  Single AZ Single AZ Single AZ
S3 100GB / 10 Million requests 300GB / 10 Million requests 500GB / 10 Million requests 1 TB / 30 Million requests
Monthly Fee $900 $1,300 $1,750 $3,450 


Amazon RDS Multi-AZ Deployment Optional Plan Prices

Plan Woo-micro Woo-Small Woo-Medium Woo-Large
Instance Size db.m4.large db.m4.large  db.m4.large  db.m4.2xlarge
Monthly fee $840.00 $1,680  $1,680  $3,350

Visit AMIMOTO WooCommerce Hosting to sign up or get more details.

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