Connecting to the instance with SFTP Client


  1. Start Filezilla

  2. Open 'Site Manager' from MenuBar ( or [CMD]+[S])

  3. Click [New Site] on the bottom of left of this window

  4. Let's see right half of this window

  5. Input your server's IP address (e.g. 123.456.789.123) or hostname (e.g.

  6. Choose [SFTP - SSH File Transfer Protocol] from [Protocol]

  7. Choose [Key file] from [Logon Type]

  8. Input ec2-user to [User] field

  9. Click [Browse...] on [Key file] to choose your private key file


  10. Select your key file then click [Open]

  11. The [Key file] filed is filled withthe-path-to-your-key-file

  12. Click [Connect] to connect through SFTP

  13. If the connection was succeeded, Filezilla shows the home directory of your ec2-user


Set default remote directory (optional)

  1. Open 'Site Manager' from MenuBar ( or [CMD]+[S])

  2. Choose your Entry then click [Advanced] 

  3. Input /var/www/vhosts/YOUR-DOMAIN into [Default remote directory] blank, then hit [OK] to save the changes.
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